Our Purpose

Our National Health Service.
The above and beyonders.
The night and dayers.
The patient and the trusted.

The strength in our times of weakness.

When the clapping stops. When the doors unlock, and we re-unite with our family and friends. When the roads fill with traffic, the children return to school and the parks breathe back to life.


All that will remain are our Thankful Hearts.

Our Vision

We want our Thankful Heart to live on, past the clapping, past the rainbows, past yesterday’s Instagram story. It’s something that serves as a reminder of a memory that we now all share together; when the NHS showed us what it was made of.

From doctors and nurses to cleaners and care workers, these brave souls showed us their heart in our time of need and we hope that our symbol of remembrance can make sure that we continue to value them in the future as much as we do right now.

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