Our Story

In early March 2020, four passionate creatives came together after having been deeply affected by the saddening situation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak. Each of us had been affected in a variety of ways including losing our livelihoods and jobs. But when others around the globe were losing husbands, wives, mothers and fathers our situations seemed insignificant. 

What really stuck with each of us is the truly amazing sacrifice and hard work from those who we needed in our time of crisis. 

The NHS, is a constitution that so many of us had appreciated but maybe not valued as much as we should have. But they suddenly rose to the challenge to become our national heroes.


Whilst they were saving lives and sacrificing their own for the British public,
we began to display rainbows of hope so they could see us.


Every street, borough and city cheered and clapped so they could hear us.


And our messages of love and support filled social media so they could feel us.


Every person, from every walk of life has seen the NHS in a new light.

When we saw the response from communities, families, businesses and stars to support the NHS, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of responsibility to make sure that this wave of positivity wasn’t just a moment in time... 

We made it our mission to contribute in the only way we knew how. Using our brand and marketing knowledge we set out to build a campaign and a symbol that represented all of these great acts of support and thanks for the NHS. 

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